License Fees


Elk, Cow
Elk, Bull or Either Sex
Deer, Buck or Doe
Pronghorn, Buck or Doe
Youth Big Game (Deer, Elk, Pronghorn)





*Refund policy may apply. All non-resident big game licenses are a big game and annual fishing combination license. License fees include a 25-cent search and rescue fee and a $1.50 Wildlife Council surcharge, if applicable. Annual licenses and habitat stamps are valid March 1–31 of the following year (13 months) and non-refundable.


Season Dates



Deer / Elk: Sept 2nd – 30th
Moose: Sept 7th – 30th

Muzzleloader Rifle


Deer / Elk / Moose: Sept 14th – 22nd



Moose: Oct 1st – 14th
Limited Elk 1st Season: Oct 12th – 16th
Deer / Elk 2nd Season: Oct 26th – Nov 3rd
Deer / Elk 3rd Season: Nov 9th – 15th
Limited Deer / Elk 4th Season: Nov 20th – 24th


Guided Fees

Our hunts are fully guided and completely fair chase, with all meals, lodging, transportation and game care included. Hunting is on our private ranch and private leased ground.

The first rifle hunt is Elk only and draw only (outfitter to assist and license draw process). The second and third rifle seasons are combined Elk and Deer with deer on a draw-only, landowner vouchers typically available for an additional fee (contact outfitter). Rifle season consists of a 5 day hunt. Typically, arrival on Friday, with hunting Saturday through Wednesday. During the first and second combined seasons, a 3-day buck only hunt is available at a discounted price.

Non-Hunting Companions are welcome. ($2,500 per hunt) Landowner hunting vouchers are available for mule deer (as specified above).

3 and 5-Day Guided Hunt Prices (All Hunts are 2×1, two hunters per guide):

Guided Hunt Prices:

  • Limited Elk Only: $8,500
  • First Combined 5-Day Hunt: $10,500 (Bull/Buck Combo Hunt)
  • First Combined 3-Day Buck Only Hunt: $6,500
  • Second Combined 5-Day Hunt: $8,500 (Buck Only)
  • Second Combined 3-Day Buck Only Hunt: $6,500
  • Fourth Season 5-Day Buck Only Trophy Hunt (Call for pricing/availability)

Call for available dates and guided hunt prices.

All deer licenses are draw only, however, guaranteed landowner buck vouchers typically available if you are unsuccessful in the Colorado Buck draw.

Arrival on Friday with Hunting Saturday through Wednesday for first and third rifle seasons.

Guided prices are for one animal, elk or deer with the exception of combo hunts.

One guide for two hunters.


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